No longer mobile!

Hiya, I thought i better explain to my customers why i am no longer mobile, you see life has a way of throwing you off course, well you think it is but it actually turns out it was for the best, i decided that after driving the van for 4 years i had had enough, it was like living in a tin can, it was to hot, then to cold, in the winter driving was hideous and i used to dread driving around the ungritted countryside on icy days, just to get to work for two hours and earn £35, i was never sure it was worth risking my van as one wrong move and i could be in a ditch with a smashed up van, and that would be my income gone until i could get it back on the road, i wouldn’t be able to rent another one! so winter was stressful, then in the summer i only had a fan to try and keep me cool, i tried to get an air conditioning unit which would have been great but because some of the places i visited where quite old it would trip the switch and knock out the electric in the van and their house so i could no longer use it, i remember one day this happened, it was the hottest day of the year and i had three dogs to do in the same spot, by the time i got to dog three i had the worst headache which was getting worse, i was sweating so much the dog hair was sticking to my skin, i felt so sick but finished the dog, cancelled my next appointment and just drove home as fast as possible, by the time i got home i had tunnel vision and could barely hold my head up with the pain, i sat in the cool kitchen with a glass of icy water and did not move till my husband came home, i had heat exhaustion and for three days felt terrible, i think this was the final straw and decided i had to get out the van, i found a unit in dorchester that needed a lot of work but the rent was reasonable and applied to rent it, the ball was rolling, i advertised for a employee to take over the van, to cut a long story short all was well until she unfortunately lost her licence but to be honest employing someone is a real pain in the ass and i don’t think i will do it again, so i decided to get shot of the van and concentrate solely on the salon, i had a real nightmare having to cancel at least 6 weeks worth of appointments, i felt like i had let those customers who couldn’t get to the salon down but it was out of my control and i think most people understood, i hope they did anyway, and the salon is picking up nicely too, i haven’t the stress of employees as my family help me out and as long as the customers keep coming to me i should be able to keep my head above water these next few months and hopefully have a thriving business for years to come, so i just want to say thank you to all my customers, family and friends that have made all this possible,


lisa cheesman

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