The prices i have listed below are approximate depending on numerous factors that will be discussed when booking, all prices are for a full groom which consists of the following;

  • Pre-groom brush and health and behaviour check
  • Nail clip
  • Gland expression (where necessary)
  • Tick/flea removal
  • Ear clean
  • Eye clean
  • Teeth clean
  • Bath (shampoo and condition)
  • Blow Dry
  • Paw Trim
  • Clipping and scissoring
  • Coat Conditioning spray 

Smaller breeds like chihuahua's, toy yorkies, jack russells are between £28 - £30 for a full groom depending on if clipping/scissoring is required.

Small to medium long hair dogs like Shih Tzu's, Cocker spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cockerpoo and Bichon Frise are between £35-£40. 


Short/smooth coated larger breeds like labradors, pointers, staffies and smooth coated collies are between £30 - £35 depending on coat length and shedding.

Longer coated large breeds like huskies, border/rough collies and German/Belgium shepherds are between £40-£50.


Giant breeds like Newfoundlands, St Bernards, and Great Danes are between £40 - £55, depending on coat length.

Additional charges;

If hand stripping is required for wire haired breeds an addition £5 will be charged as this takes a lot more time than clipping.

If fleas are found on your dog a charge of £5 will incur to cover the cost of the anti-flea shampoo and hygiene procedures carried out on the van to avoid cross contamination.

If a dog is excessively matted and cannot be tackled in 30 minutes of trying or is of discomfort to the dog then i will discuss the options with the customer to either clip the coat to the highest blade size possible to get under the coat where they can then start from scratch and maintain the coat as it grows back, or take the dog home to try to de-matt it theirselves however if the dog is in extreme discomfort i will highly recommend to clip.

On average a full groom should take no more than 2 hours to complete however if more time is needed for larger breeds i will continue work for a further hour or until i believe the dog has had enough.

If the dog is in any way distressed to the point i am worried about their welfare i will stop immediately and discuss the way to proceed with the customer, sometimes with very nervous dogs it takes a few visits in the van to be comfortable that they are not . going to be harmed.