Hi and welcome to my website!

I have worked, trained and studied canine behaviour for 15+ years and decided my knowledge and love of dogs would be a great basis to start a career in dog grooming, i am determined to work with any dog no matter what behaviour issues they may have, be it aggression, nervousness or other anti-social behaviours with patience and understanding i can work to rectify these issues to allow me to give them the care they require when grooming.

Grooming can be stressful to a dog, with all the noises of the dryers and not many dogs enjoy getting wet unless its of their own free will in a smelly lake or river! so its important to me to give them the best experience i can to show them that no harm will come to them and that actually its not so bad being clean and smelling lovely!

I do like to work with the dog on a one to one basis, that way the dogs attention is focused on me and what i am asking of them, i find with the owner present the dogs tend to feed off the owners emotions rather than mine and that can cause issues, especially if the owner is nervous, protective, excited etc,,, whereas i keep very calm and neutral which seems to relax the dog and makes working with them so much easier! another reason is there is limited space in the van and my insurance only covers myself.